It Takes A Family - Family Ministries Planbook

It Takes A Family - Family Ministries Planbook

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Helping youth transition into adulthood requires more than just a passive "letting go." It must be a time of actively outfitting maturing adolescents for the future. Far more important than the financial and material resources with which they leave home are their intangible assets:

  • A clear self-identity that springs from belief in the gospel
  • Assurance that they are loved by parents and God
  • A compelling sense of mission and purpose in life
  • The social and relational skills necessary for forming relationships

In It Takes a Family you will find a wealth of resources for use in Sabbath morning worship, such as sermon resources, children’s stories, reprinted articles, and leadership materials that will encourage parents to be intentional about discipling their children. Also included are three wonderful seminars:

Marriage Matters – learn about parenting by studying biblical models

It Takes a Church – a four-night seminar for parents of adolescents

Making Connections – how to engage your entire family in faith-building activities

Parents have the challenge and responsibility of discipling their children and teens for Christ. With the messages of the world pressing around on every side, that is an awesome responsibility. To give us courage and strength, God has given a wonderful promise in His word. "I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save" Isaiah 49:25.

Paperback. Released in 2003 as the Family Ministries Planbook.

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