Weight Management for Life - Coordinator's Guide

Weight Management for Life - Coordinator's Guide

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Weight Management for Life is a ready-to-use lifestyle change package combining weight management with disease risk reduction. The program combines group interaction to report progress, solve problems, and offer support, instruction on principles of weight management, behavior change concepts, and a weekly health-related topic presented as a wellness challenge.

Key features include setting realistic goals and an appropriate calorie control eating plan; developing a physical activity plan, weekly motivation, instruction, and problem solving; group support and accountability; self-monitoring; and recording progress and measuring outcomes. It is designed for community leaders to use in 10 weekly sessions in homes, churches, or other community locations. Participant materials can be printed from the CD. Each weekly meeting will last a little over an hour.

Weekly topics:

  • Your Healthy Weight
  • Developing a Physically Active Lifestyle
  • Your Nutrition in Detail
  • Eating for Good Health
  • Daily Living Choices
  • Managing Stress
  • Staying Motivated
  • Weight-Loss Medications and Surgeries
  • Children and Obesity
  • Focusing On Your Future

3-ring binder. Includes PowerPoint presentations and participant handouts on CD. Copyright 2011.

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