Islam: Facts, Fictions, and Familiarities

Islam: Facts, Fictions, and Familiarities

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One fourth of the world is Muslim, and their numbers are increasing. How many live in your neighborhood? What do they believe?

If you are curious about your Muslim neighbors, this book is for you. It begins with a brief review of what the Bible says about those of other faiths and gives an overview of Muslim beliefs and practices. Then, it records interviews with devout Muslims living in America, and suggests ways in which prayerful engagement with Muslims can be a blessing to Christians. The book concludes with a practical guide for Adventists who want to develop friendships with Muslims in their community.

Throughout these pages, you will notice an emphasis on listening and relationships. Instead of judging Muslims from a distance, it is best to draw close. When we are face to face with others, it becomes ore difficult to hate, and easier to understand.

Paperback. Copyright 2018. 75 pages.

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